Friday, August 5, 2016

Notice of session format change of Awakening Sangha  「目覚めサンガ」のセッション形式変更のお知らせ

Please note that the session format of the online sangha called "Awakening Sangha" will return to the original format (30 minutes of silent meditation) from August 8, 2016 as follows:

Sitting meditation 7:15 - 7:45 am each weekday. 
(Tokyo time: GMT+9h

7:15 am - bell (3 times)  -  start of sitting meditation

7:45 am - bell (2 times) and bow  -  end of sitting meditation, close of session

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午前7時15分 - りん(3回) - 座禅開始

午前7時45分 - りん(2回)+ お辞儀 - 座禅終了、セッション閉会

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Mindfulness (念). Concentration (集中). Insight (洞察)